What Type of Metal Coating Do You Need?


Metal coating is an application that is widely used in thousands of products found in homes and businesses. Its purpose is to create a durable, protective layer on metals like steel or aluminum used in just about every industry. One of its primary uses is to protect surfaces against corrosion, oxidation, and rust. Other protective qualities include resistance against friction, water, abrasion, fire, electrical insulation, and more.

Metal coatings are often comprised of one of the following: aluminum, cadmium, chromium, nickel, or zinc. The compound itself, as well as the method of application, provide varying levels of protection. The expert staff at D&D Industrial Coatings can help you select the right metal coating process and compound for your needs. Meanwhile, below is a summary of some of the most effective application methods.

Galvanizing, used as highly effective protection against corrosion, is the most widely used method of metal coating. The process known as “hot dip” galvanizing involves dipping a piece of steel or other ferrous metal into a molten zinc bath, bonding the zinc to the metal. The finish is a dull gray and will not flake off.

Anodizing is a metal coating process commonly used for aluminum. Aluminum forms a layer of aluminum oxide when exposed to oxygen. Anodizing increases the thickness of this protective layer, making it even more durable and corrosive resistant. Anodized aluminum can also be dyed to various colors. This process can also be used for titanium or zinc, but not for rust-prone metals like steel as the final coating can be chipped away by rust.

Electroplating a chromium and cadmium coating to metal and is achieved by using an electric current. While the final plating has an attractive appearance and does resist corrosion, a downside is that it tends not to provide a uniform thickness.

Powder Coatings
Powder coating tends to be more environmentally friend that paints and come in an unlimited range of colors. The process involves applying a dry powder electrostatically to a piece of metal and then curing it using heat.

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