There are many advantages of using powder based paint on your products. It is typically used when a hard or more durable finish is desired.

The possible applications are limitless with powder capable of making smooth, textured, wrinkle, vein, glitter, metallic finishes, and also in a wide range of glosses. Thick even coats are easily achievable with powder, but when the coat is required to be very thin, (1 mil or less) powder coating may not be the best method.

Powder paint is considered “Green” friendly compared to conventional liquid paint as it emits zero, or near-zero volatile organic compounds.

  • Stainless Steel Powder
  • Stainless Steel Wet Paint
  • We can make custom graffiti free powder


We are able to provide FDA, USDA approved coatings and certifications upon request. Our experienced team of painters can help find the best paint for any application. We also work with Nace Inspectors when needed.