Protect the Environment – Use Eco-Friendly Powder Paint


Powder-based paint is a superior product for a number of industrial applications and is used when a harder or more durable finish is required. A key advantage that powder coating has over conventional liquid paint and some other finishing processes is that it is safer, both for the environment and for the people who work with and around it. Powder paint is considered “green” friendly as it emits zero, or near-zero, harmful compounds or airborne pollutants. Compared to wet painting, powder paint reduces harmful waste by-products and finishing line emissions, and it does not pose a significant health risk to humans. Becoming aware of these benefits can help your business by gaining support from clients, potential clients, and the neighboring community.

Near-Zero VOCs
A primary difference between powder coating and conventional liquid (wet) painting is the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With wet pain, VOCs are released into the air over time. These can damage the ozone layer, and also cause health problems in humans. Powder coating, on the other hand, is inert and creates a tough and durable finish that emits almost no VOCs neither during the coating process nor from the finished product.

Significantly Lower Hazardous Waste
Whereas traditional wet paints create hazardous waste during retouching and disposal, powder paint is inert and does not require special handling or disposal. When defects need to be reworked on surfaces applied with wet paints, solvents that produce harmful fumes often need to be used that emit harmful fumes. With powder paint, on the other hand, defects are handled much more easily by wiping the part clean or using compressed air. The residue also requires no special handling.

Powder Paint is Recyclable
When powder paint is applied to a product, a certain amount does not adhere to the part. The excess powder sometimes can be recycled using a process called reclamation, particularly if only one or two colors are being used. The powder paint either falls to the floor of a spray booth or gets trapped filters, which can then be reused.

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