Your Secret Weapon in Harsh Conditions

Paint and other coatings are commonly used to provide aesthetic interest and color to industrial or commercial areas. In addition to adding beauty, they are also used to protect the underlying substrate from environmental decay and breakdown. This is especially true of materials that are in harsh exterior environments, but can also be important for interior surfaces.

Solar breakdown
Ultraviolet light can have a detrimental impact on substrate materials if not properly protected. The energy created from ultraviolet rays can break down the covalent bonds of a structure and cause surface deterioration. This can be caused by the impact of both heat as well as moisture that is absorbed on the surface of a structure.

Heat can cause extreme chemical changes in a variety of different materials. Heat causes the atoms to vibrate which can break down the molecular bonds of a surface.

Moisture permeation is perhaps the most common way that materials break down rapidly. Without a proper coating, water can penetrate below the surface of a structure and can create corrosion as well as a shift in the structural integrity.

This is a less common cause of breakdown, but can still have a detrimental impact on material lifespan. Items used in processes that undergo immersion are particularly vulnerable to blistering and decay.

Chemicals can be either acidic or base in nature. While base chemicals are not as harsh on substrate materials, acids can have a very negative impact without proper protection.

Oxygen is a necessary compound in the corrosion of metallic surfaces. Depending upon the acidity level of the environment, the amount of oxygen can have a significant impact on the rate of corrosion.

Microbial bonds can be highly difficult for materials submerged in water or in moisture rich environments. The growth of mold and mildew or the attachment of marine life or plant matter can cause rapid surface breakdown.

Each of these conditions create an environment in which substrate materials can breakdown at a more rapid pace. Proper preparation of these surfaces can help to add longevity to the lifespan of these materials and create solid surface area. At D & D Industrial Coatings, we offer industrial applications including paint, powder coating and a variety of other industrial finishes. Contact us for a project estimate.