Coatings for Every Need

Industrial coatings are not something most people notice. While they often fly under the radar, they are extremely important for longevity and safety. They are generally used to protect concrete or metal surfaces. Coatings can keep a ship from sinking, help a building hold its structural integrity, and provide a no-slip surface. When you stop to consider this, there are a lot of industries that use protective coatings for their products.

The paint on an airplane is not there just to show brand identity or make it look pretty. It helps to protect the precious cargo inside the plane. Because it needs to be light, the coatings that are used to coat aircraft cannot be applied in thick coats. The paint finish on an airplane consists of several different materials including primers, lacquers, enamels and finishing products. In addition to being lightweight, an airplane coating needs to be both durable and easy to strip. This is because an aircraft cannot spend too much time on the ground for repainting or it will deteriorate.

Automotive finishes can be applied either during the manufacturing process or aftermarket. While finishes used for repainting a car are sprayed in a more open process, when the car is being assembled they are applied in a controlled setting. Because of this, the products used in each process are slightly different, with OEM coatings needing custom matching to your car’s color.

Can coatings
You may have never thought about it, but the cans that hold food and other products need to be coated to ensure that products can be safely stored inside. Food can coatings must prevent chemical leaching onto the food or beverages and must stay in place even if bent or compressed. Additionally, it must be corrosion resistant so that it can handle food acidities, and have the ability to withstand the sterilization process. Finally, it must keep food preserved for an extended period of time.

Marine coatings
Water and steel are not a good combination. Add salt water to the mix and the corrosion process is even faster. Marine coatings must be extremely durable but also cannot add drag to the boat. Additional coatings are also used to provide no-skid decking materials.

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