What is Abrasive Blasting?


Abrasive blasting is a finishing service that prepares surfaces for coating applications effectively. Abrasive blasting is the process of propelling a stream of abrasive media such as aluminum oxide directly on the part, or in a Wheelabrator that mechanically cycles steel or iron shots around the parts. Blasting is typically used when containments such as rust must be removed, or a degree of roughness is required for better paint adhesion. Abrasive media is generally inexpensive and many types are reusable. Blasting offers additional economic advantages because it efficiently cleans surfaces better and faster than traditional techniques. It’s also effective at removing rust on metal surfaces. Here are the different common techniques for abrasive blasting:

Bead blasting
Uses glass beads to remove surface deposits; it works well for cleaning fungus, paint and calcium deposits. Glass beads are a less aggressive form of abrasive media, and are reusable therefore cost-effective.

Wheel blasting
An airless blasting technique that uses centrifugal force to shoot abrasives against a surface without the help of a propellant.

Hydro blasting
Also known as water blasting, this technique uses high-pressure water to remove paint, debris buildup, and chemicals.

Dry ice blasting
A technique that uses air and dry ice to dislodge items from a surface as well as decontaminate. Cleanup is minimal with this abrasive medium.

Micro-abrasive blasting
Also referred to as pencil blasting, this dry blasting technique uses a small nozzle that directs a fine stream of abrasive media to a targeted area; this method is suited for detailed work.

Bristle blasting
Instead of using a blast media, this technique uses a high-carbon rotary steel brush that prepares a surface and makes it coarse.

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