Powder Coating vs. Regular Paint

The ancient Egyptians not only painted reliefs, tombs, temples, and palaces, but also flat surfaces.  Pigments were mostly mineral, chosen to withstand strong sunlight without fading. After painting, a varnish or resin was usually applied as a protective coating, and many paintings with some exposure to the elements have survived remarkably well.

Like the Egyptians, we also take great care with our coatings, particularly with our powder coatings. 

Both powder coating and regular paint are designed to bring color to life through their chemical makeups. However, their application, curing processes, and health and environmental impacts are very different.

Application:  Like regular paint, powder coating is done in two stages: a primer stage and a final coating. When being applied to metal, the metal piece is electrically grounded, and then the zinc coat is positively charged by the powder gun and sprayed onto the piece. The zinc is attracted to the piece and clings electrostatically. It is then baked and cured for the first time. Then a second coat is applied as a “pigmented coat,” baking and curing it again. Regular paint is applied wet and cures by air drying.

The Environment and Waste. The powder coating, considered safer than regular paint, is safe to dispose of.  It is also less wasteful than regular paint, as you can reuse any powder that you have missed in the first application.  With regular paint––since it is only useful for an application before it cures, and it cures at normal air temperatures––whatever paint you lose is gone forever.  And if you follow the safety procedures, powder coating is better on the lungs due to the lack of volatile organic compounds that can often be found in regular paint.

Advantages:  With painting metal, powder coating edges out regular paint in almost every aspect.  It’s more durable and less likely to chip and flake, protecting metal from rust far better.  Our customers often mention how evenly the paint is applied.  This is because the powder is attracted to the object it paints, it doesn’t over-paint some areas and under-paint others.  It leaves a smooth finish.  It is also best when used on a hard or more durable finish. Applications are limitless as the powder is capable of making smooth, texture, wrinkle, vein, glitter, metallic finishes, and also in a wide range of glosses.

We won’t fool ourselves by thinking we’ll be making a culturally significant impact on the art world like the Egyptians.  However, at  D & D Industrial Coatings, Inc., we do share the element of withstanding time with these ancient artists.  Our coatings are meant to protect their surfaces, lasting as long as the great tombs, temples, and palaces. Call us for more information: (262) 637-0686