Basics of Powder Coating

A long-lasting and durable finish, powder coating is an extremely popular finish that is more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes and wet paint. The following information provides answers about the advantages of using a powder coat treatment over wet paint.

What is Powder Coating
Powder coating is a dry finishing process that is high-quality, durable and allows for maximum production. It’s typically applied electrostatically to metallic surfaces like steel or aluminum and then cured under heat to allow it to form a protective skin. The process includes pretreatment, powder application, and high-temperature powder curing. A powder coat finish is used to create a hard finish which is tougher than normal paint and more durable. It has become one of the most wanted surface finishing techniques these days.

Powder Coating Applications
Powder coating is a mixture of ingredients like polymer resin, curatives, pigments, leveling agents, and other modifiers. Those ingredients are melted, mixed, cooled and then ground up to make a powder. The powder is sprayed onto the surface being coated using a process called ESD (Electrostatic Spray Deposition). A spray gun applies an electrostatic charge to the powder which becomes attracted to the part being coated. After the powder is applied, the part is cured in an oven. The heat causes a chemical reaction which makes the coating resistant to breakdown which helps provide durability to the product.

Benefits of Powder Coating
Are you currently using powder coat finishes on your products? There are many advantages to using powder coat finishes over conventional paint.

Powder coatings are more durable and resistant to chipping, scratches, weather, and corrosion. Powders don’t drip or run and are more uniform finishes than liquid paint. The result of using a powder coating is a more vibrant look than traditional paint and is a higher quality finish.

Cost Effective
Save money and cover more area than traditional finishes with a powder coat. With less product being used it translates to lower material costs than wet painting processes.

Safety First
Wet paint is flammable and carcinogenic. These chemicals are hazardous to those working in a plant or shop if the material isn’t handled correctly. Powder coatings don’t have harmful chemicals, unlike regular paint.

If you are looking for the most attractive, durable, high-quality finish available, then use a powder coating finish. Cover your machinery, products and other parts with powder coating to make them last and protect it from chipping, scratching, and corrosion. D&D Industrial Coatings specializes in powder coats and wet paints on metal and plastic. We can custom match color, gloss, texture, and chemistry in both powder and wet paints. Our experienced team can paint or coat parts to specifications, and help our customers with choosing the right compound for your application.

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