How Different Industries Can Benefit From Powder Coating


Do you ever wonder how certain products get their color? You likely assume that someone simply paints them, but how exactly? Yes, they are painted in a way, but most have been put through a process called powder coating.

Think of powder coating as “painting with powder” instead of liquid. A powder is applied to a surface and, after that, heated to the degree that causes it to melt. After becoming a liquid, it is then left to dry, producing a colorful and durable coating that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

D&D Industrial Coatings, a leader in large and short-run order powder coatings on metal and plastic, has years of experience in this finishing process, coating a multitude of products and pieces of equipment. Below is a list of six different industries that D&D Industrial Coatings have provided powder coating and individual benefits.

What Can Be Powder Coated?

Kitchen Appliances – This industry may be the most appropriate of them all for powder coating. Many of your kitchen appliances come in direct contact with heat and food; therefore, powder coating allows the appliance to have color without the risk of it melting and contaminating your meals.

Recreational Products – From playground equipment to mountain bike frames, nearly all metal or plastic recreational products are powder coated. And when you play, you play hard. This makes surface durability important, both to retain the color and prevent paint chipping.

Lawn and Garden Equipment – Mother Nature is not easy on many metal devices, and rust does her evil bidding. Powder coating not only gives your lawnmower, edger, or wheelbarrows their glow, they protect many of the metal and plastic parts from damage and degradation.

Architecture – One of the more large-scale powder coating applications is found in the architectural and construction industries. Construction powder coating in architecture ranges from the smallest interior detail, like bathroom fixtures, to facades and structural steel.

Functional Products – Powder coating functional products can draw attention to an integral piece of equipment while making others more inconspicuous to thwart tampering. For instance, powder coating fire hydrants red makes them quickly identified, while powder coating an electrical box green helps blend in with the foliage.

Automotive – An industry already known for coating the surface paint of their products, automobiles of all kinds, and their components are frequently powder coated. Some of the most common components powder coated include door handles, chassis, bumpers, and wheels.

Certified Specialists in Powder Coatings

Having read this brief list of a few industries and products that can be powder coated, the easier question may be: What can’t be powder coated? Truth be told, very little! But selecting the right powder coater is vital.

Why not consider D&D Industrial Coatings? The team at D&D is ISO certified, so you can rest easy knowing that safety is a number one priority when implementing the powder coating process to any applicable surface. To discover more, visit our website today!