The Positive Environmental Impacts of Powder Coating


The manufacturing industry creates integral components and products for contemporary society, but an even more significant shift in focus to environmental consciousness has recently taken hold. And one specific step in the manufacturing process is one of the most critical areas where positive environmental impacts should be made: painting and coloring.

Of all the ways the manufactured physical items of the material world can be painted, the unfortunate reality is that too often, many coloring processes tend to harm Mother Nature. Yet, there is a specific one that is sure to keep our environment healthy: powder coating.

What exactly sets the coloring process of powder coating apart from other painting services in the manufacturing sector in the way of environmental safety? Check out some of these powder coating benefits to better understand why this process leads in the race to be the most environmentally safe coloring procedure in manufacturing.

The Pros of Powder Coating

Fewer VOCs – A VOC is a Volatile Organic Compound emitted during a paint process. These compounds are preservatives, such as formaldehyde, and they are not found in powder coatings whatsoever.

No Adhesion Solvents – Powder coatings adhere to the surfaces they are applied to in ways that do not require the harmful solvents or primers that liquid coatings require. Many of the solvents involved with liquid coatings incorporate those previously mentioned VOCs.

Minimized Air Pollution – The station where the powder coating process is performed in industrial environments produces no air pollution when applied. This is because any Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) that VOCs also cause are nonexistent in powder coatings.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Any waste produced during the powder coating process can be reused in future coating processes! Overspray during powder coating is simply collected and reloaded into the application equipment, which saves a company money and the environment by not disposing of waste.

Clean Application Process – Applying a powder coat is better for the environment than liquid-based and other coating processes. Because of the lack of HAPs involved in powder coatings, the air in the coating booth can simply be filtered and easily returned to the rest of the facility.

Sustainable Process – With less unused waste comes to a more sustainable application process. For instance, powder coating booths merely need an electric spray gun and the coatings themselves, whereas liquid coatings require comprehensive waste disposal systems to deal with proper disposal.

Safe Coatings for All Surfaces

For any manufacturing or other industrial applications where you need something painted, powder coating is the most environmentally responsible choice. And when you are choosing what company to perform your powder coating process, why not consider D&D Industrial Coatings?

The team at D&D is ISO certified, so you can rest easy knowing that safety and environmental consciousness are top priorities when implementing the powder coating process to any applicable surface. To discover more, visit their website today!