Why Consider Powder Coating?


Plastic, metal, concrete, and steel can all be powder coated. This cost-effective option is durable enough for both inside and outside materials. The otherwise dull products are given a glossy shine that will last the ages.

Powder coating may be the best choice for finishing various materials. The numerous advantages outweigh those of other finishes. This is not to say wet paint does not do a sufficient job. Wet paint is excellent for thin layers but otherwise takes second to every aspect of powder coating.

Here’s everything you need to know about powder coating before choosing a finish for your product.

The Advantages
Out of all the finishing options, powder coating is by far the most sturdy and durable option. During the heating process, the chemicals bond to create a coating that holds up against extreme weather conditions and the wear and tear of everyday use. This superior coating also prevents chips, abrasions, and scratches. Due to its durability, powder coating can last up to 20 years. This is subject to several factors, including environmental exposure, handling, and protective measures. Another factor in the longevity is whether the powder includes fluoropolymers and urethanes, which would make the product last longer. These ingredients are added to the powder primarily for outdoor products as they combat extreme weather. Powder with epoxy lasts long when placed indoors but breaks down somewhat faster when exposed to outdoor elements.

Another reason powder coating is superior to other finishes is its’ environmentally friendly factor. As the powder is reusable and recyclable, the finish is already better than applied paint, which isn’t salvageable. Also, as the powder is used precisely, there is little wastage compared to wet paint. Additionally, the powder does not release harmful organic chemicals, which would be volatile for the environment and your health.

Lastly, the cost over time will be lower because the powder lasts longer than other finishes. Though the initial cost may seem more expensive, the upkeep of other finishes would exceed that number over time. Think of all the chips and scratches that must be fixed on products finished with wet paint. Those costs add up; avoiding them altogether by using powder coating will lower the overall cost of finishing your product.

Professional Powder Coating
D & D Industrial Coatings provides high-quality powder coating and industrial painting and coating services. We can custom match powder and paint to any surface and are well known for applying wet paints on metal and plastic. No matter the industry, whether marine or agricultural, medical or transportation, we provide service you can count on.

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