The Advantages of Custom Industrial Coatings


Custom coatings are important for many different industries and many different materials. They can add a slip resistant or non-stick coating to finished parts and creates a more vibrant or aesthetically pleasing finished product.

  • Anti-slip – Industrial coatings can be applied to a variety of products to provide a non-slip surface. This can create extra safety in manufacturing settings on surfaces such as stair treads, railings and seating areas.
  • Non-stick – Parts used in manufacturing applications are able to operate more efficiently with a non-stick surface applied. This can increase productivity within the manufacturing process by keeping materials from sticking to the surface of moving parts when in operation.
  • Added durability – Surfaces that are required to withstand the impact of chemicals and other substances often require an added layer of protection to prevent them from breaking down quickly. A protective coating allows equipment to last longer and withstand harsh elements.
  • Corrosion – Materials that are used in damp or water filled areas are prone to rust and corrosion if they are not properly protected. A custom coating can help to slow the oxidation process that leads to corrosion, thereby giving the product a longer life. Additionally, rust and corrosion can reduce the effectiveness of a part and can contaminate other surfaces.
  • UV Damage – Skin is not the only thing that can be damaged from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Like a layer of sunscreen, protective coatings can extend the life of products that are impacted by the sun.
  • Fireproof – Manufacturing processes that require extreme levels of heat can be highly taxing on machinery if parts are not protected. Specialized fireproof coatings will extend the life of equipment and improve efficiency in industrial settings such as foundries and power plants.
  • Long lasting looks – Because industrial coatings provide a hard finish, it is resistant to dents, marring, scratches and other damage that might take away from the overall look of a product.


In the end, a custom coating saves you both time and money. It adds an extra level of protection and also creates visual interest. At D & D Industrial Coatings, we can provide a variety of coating applications including painting, powder coatings and other specialized finishes. Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of our coating processes.