Powder Coating – The Basics of Electrostatic Coatings


What is Electrostatic Coating
Electrostatic coating is when industrial coating applications use electric current as the means of clinging material to the product. This happens in a multi-stage process when fluoropolymers are applied to a particular metal object with the help of electricity. The material that is being coated gets charged using a special machine that creates a static field on the surface. A dry blend of the fluoropolymers gets applied to the material then. Once the material is completely covered by these tiny particles it gets sent through an oven which causes the polymers to melt and bond together. You then end up with what we know as powder-coated surfaces as it cools and forms a sold durable layer on the material.

There are many different types of electrostatic coatings available on the market today. They typically differ by the type of polymers or dry blend material that is being used. Some blends use large particles, while others use small. The difference in particle size impacts the thickness of the finished coating. Some blends also include metallics or other dry materials that are known to disrupt the adhesion process. Because there are so many different types of electrostatic coatings available, it is important that research is done about the material that will be coated to ensure it will bond properly and provide long-term protection.

When you compare electrostatic coatings to paint, it’s easy to notice the benefits of using the powder coating. Some of those benefits include:

One of the biggest benefits of using an electrostatic coating on your metal is that it is very durable. This helps make it resistant to scratching, peeling, and other damage. There is also very little maintenance that needs to be done on electrostatic coatings. To keep them looking new all you have to do is wipe it down with a wet towel every now and then.

Electrostatic coatings are also very efficient because they produce very little waste. The fluoropolymers get drawn to the material using the static field, which means that there is not a lot of excess materials floating through the air like toxins, which you get when you use regular paint.

Less Labor Intensive
Compared to paint, electrostatic coatings require less labor because it can all be done in a single coat, whereas paint typically requires multiple coats. It also doesn’t require a long dry time as paint does.

If you are looking for the most attractive, durable, high-quality finish available, then use an electrostatic coating finish. Cover your machinery, products, and other parts with the coating to make them last and protect them from being chipped and scratched. D&D Industrial Coatings specializes in powder coats and wet paints on metal and plastic. We can custom match color, gloss, texture, and chemistry in both powder and wet paints. Our experienced team can paint or coat parts to specifications, and help our customers with choosing the right compound for your application.

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