How Can I Use Industrial Coatings in My Life?

One of the many services at D&D Industrial Coatings that we proudly specialize in is, you guessed it, industrial coatings. By definition, an industrial coating is a layer or several layers of protective coating applied to concrete, steel, or other materials, and are manufactured with common polymers.

Common polymers—what does that mean in layman’s terms? Basically, products protected with an industrial coating are resistant to heat, chemicals, excessive moisture, and abrasions, all while conforming to FDA rules and requirements. Industrial coating also has unique electric properties and can be used for direct food contact as well. With all these capabilities, it really does seem like some sort of miracle product.

Now, based on that definition, and the fact that it’s often applied to steel and concrete, it might be natural to make the assumption that industrial coatings imply large jobs. But we at D&D Industrial Coatings know that if there are no size requirements when it comes to top-quality protection. In fact, there are many ways that industrial coatings can benefit you in your daily life.

Although the frigid temperatures and the constant snow storms are frequent reminders that we are in the midst of winter, believe it or not, thankfully, spring is right around the corner. And while spring is of course the time of year for warmer temperatures, days filled with sunshine, and flowers blooming, it’s also the perfect time to get organized and refreshed for the new season. That’s right: spring cleaning is right around the corner. Pretty soon, it will be time to get your home’s closets, basements, and even garages a makeover with organization being a top priority.

Where industrial coatings will come especially in handy as you plan the spring cleaning ahead, is your garage. Think about that convertible you’ve been waiting to drive until the weather turns around, or perhaps even that classic vehicle you’ve worked so hard to restore. Maybe you’re even lucky enough to own a go-kart or two, and you keep it protected in your garage during the harsh winter months. Items like these are precious to owners like you—that’s why it’s crucial for you to do whatever you can to give these items a long and happy life as possible (yes, even cars can be happy).

Your friends and experts at D&D Industrial Coatings are just one phone call away to keep maintain the high quality of these precious products; not only do we specialize in powder coats and wet paints on plastic and metal, we can easily custom match color, texture, gloss and wet paints.

So, as you consider spring cleaning in your garage, also think about the items you want to protect the most and how we can be part of that process. Call us today at 262-637-0868 or email to find out about our industrial coating process and how it can best serve you.