Benefits of Industrial Powder Coating


For industrial, construction, and manufacturing workplaces, it is essential that companies take every precaution to protect their machinery and equipment from environmental factors and deterioration. This often means the application of an industrial powder coating on the surface of the equipment. But what are the benefits of industrial powder coating, and what does it do?

In short, industrial powder coatings are designed to protect your equipment from corrosion. But there are many other benefits of industrial powder coatings that you may not be aware of! Here are some of the added advantages of applying an industrial powder coating:

  • Corrosion and Rust Protection. Like we’ve previously said, industrial powder coatings are made to protect your equipment from corrosion and rust. Equipment in industrial settings is subject to exposure to chemicals, water, ultraviolet (UV) lights, and oxidation, as well as natural corrosion and abrasion from machinery with various moving parts. Adding a layer of industrial powder coating will protect your equipment from these threats, and provide the necessary friction, resistance, and lubrication between parts to keep your machinery swiftly moving.
  • Weather Protection. Similar to corrosion protection, your industrial powder coating will protect your equipment from several weather-related threats, including rain, acid rain, salt air corrosion, UV rays/lights, and tarnishing.
  • Thermal Protection. Industrial equipment can be exposed to extremely elevated temperatures, so making your machinery as heatproof as possible is essential. Powder coatings protect from heat-related damage such as thermal shock or corrosion under insulation.
  • Service Life and Productivity. Since you are adding a heavy-duty layer of protection to your machinery, you’re guaranteed to experience fewer breakdowns and increased productivity, ultimately prolonging the life span of all your equipment. 
  • Cost. Not only is the cost of powder paint coatings less than the cost of wet paint, but it also yields larger savings because of the prolonged life span of your equipment, resulting in savings from labor, replacement, and repair costs.
  • Easy Maintenance. Industrial powder coatings yield a shiny surface when dry, meaning it is very easy to clean and maintain since dirt and debris will not stick to it. A simple wipe is all you need to clean your machinery!
  • Appearance. Don’t underestimate the value of the appearance of your machinery! Clean, modern, and newer looking equipment will make investors and clients have more confidence in your facilities, giving a positive impact on your brand. Plus, since you can choose the colors of your industrial powder coatings, you can pick colors that fit in with your logo and/or company, giving the space a more unified and professional feel.

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