D & D Industrial Coatings
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iso9001 D and D Industrial Coatings Racine Wisconsin



Industrial Coating

Generally refers to the protective qualities over the cosmetic appeal.
We are able to provide FDA, USDA approved coatings and certifications upon request. Our experienced team of painters can help find the best paint for any application.
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Industrial Painting

Liquid or wet paint is excellent for when the specification call for an extremely thin finish and when a custom color is needed on a deadline. Also the best wet paints in the industry can produce a more appealing finish over its powder equivalent.
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Powder Coating

There are many advantages of using powder based paint on your products. It is typically used when a hard or more durable finish is desired.
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Finishing Services

To better service our customer's needs we can also provide plating, abrasive blasting, buffing and polishing, and heat treating.
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Supplimental Services/ Capabilities

For 28 years Sater Inc has been a quality supplier of transformer enclosures and short run orders.
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